Bambusi Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer





  • This well-designed and durable, expandable bamboo kitchen storage organizer by Bambüsi makes you proud to open your kitchen drawers widespread again and showcase your silverware and cutlery. It not only keeps your cutlery neatly organized, but it also looks warm and elegant. The revolutionary bamboo design is a long-term solution because of its naturally water-resistant properties that prevent the kitchen organizer from getting mold or mildew. In a glance, this is one of the neatest and smartest kitchen drawer storage solutions now made available for you from Bambüsi, the premium bamboo products brand! All our products are FDA and FSC approved!


  • Expandable & adjustable - Easily store your flatware, knife sets, utensils and other cutlery, but also various kitchen gadgets. It fits easily in almost all standard drawer sizes.
  • Practicality meets quality - The kitchen flatware organizer is crafted from high-quality, ultra-strong, premium and eco-friendly bamboo material. The 100% bamboo material guarantees easy cleaning, maintenance and NO mold or mildew!
  • Great storage capabilities - Adjustable design, from 13 to 21 Inches Wide, 2 Inches Deep, 17.5 Inches Long, seven compartments. Enough space to fit all your cutlery, flatware and silverware.
  • Comes with a knife box - Organize your knife sets conveniently, the drawer organizer comes with a knife box. Keep your knives away from your kids & store them safely!
  • Makes everything beautiful & neat - Get compliments from your family because this beautiful kitchen organizer makes everything look beautiful and better organized. Will match almost any decor!

Product Description

Expendable - Easy to Fit and Adjust

  • Don't worry; the Bambüsi bamboo kitchen organizer is 2 inches deep, adjustable from 12.75 to 18 inches wide and fits all standard-sized drawers. It will flawlessly fit, and you can make use of 7 compartments to fit your flatware, knife sets, utensils and other cutlery. From the seven compartments, 5 of them are flatware compartments and two are expandable sides that provide extra utensil storage spaces.

Made from Premium Bamboo - Truly Elegant

  • Ergonomically designed and practical meets elegant and strong. The kitchen shelf organizer uses bamboo since it is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet (which is an extra, since it looks great and is astoundingly strong too). Bamboo is often labeled as the ecologically green alternative to wood. Water resistant, it will prevent mold and mildew. Besides its ecological features, the bamboo makes this kitchen organizer very easy to clean and maintain. If it gets dirty or there are stains on your cutlery, give it a fast swipe with soap and water. Additionally, wipe with corn/canola oil, and it will shine right up for you. 

Knife block

  • The knife block will prevent damages to the bamboo and the other cutlery. It is fixed and fits perfectly into the design. Put your sharpest knives and organize them conveniently without any worries. Keeps the knives safely away from your little ones!

Adds Warm Look to Kitchen Drawers

  • Kitchen drawers don't need to be boring and plain. Besides being functional, the natural bamboo wood color and the exquisitely premium material will give a warm look to the normally boring and plain drawers. It fits almost all contemporary kitchen décor too!

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