Irina Dining Chair Modern Easy Clean Velvet Upholstered Side Chair

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Color: Black/Gold
$274.99 $299.99


This modern velvet dining chair has durable and incomparable quality stainless steel legs and striking molding. Glamorous high end easy clean velvet plus high quality stainless steel legs add a sense of luxury to your dining room. This dining chair can help you get rid of a lot of troubles: When your dining chair is stained, you can easily wipe the stain with water. It also can easily match any color theme in your home. In addition, each chair is equipped with a metal handle at the back for easier movement and placement of this modern accent chair. Feel free to place this velvet dining chair in your dining room, even living room or bed room. This high quality velvet chair with stainless steel legs adds a punch of whimsy without sacrificing sophistication. You can clean the dining chair as following steps: First carefully get rid of excess liquids or substances. Then wet a clean cloth with water  and gently rub the stained area on the fabric until the stain is gone. Finally, let the fabric air dry.

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