Newair 3.3 Black Cu. Ft. Compact Mini Refrigerator with Freezer




Looking for a personal fridge to hold all your favorite drinks and snacks? The Newair Compact Refrigerator provides fits anywhere you want the convenience of fresh food and cold drinks. The compact yet spacious design makes it the ideal dorm room fridge or accessory appliance for your game room. This freestanding mini fridge with freezer compartment also lets you customize storage with adjustable shelves, a can dispenser, and space for a two-liter bottle. Quiet and easy to maintain, this little fridge packs a big punch. 


1. Compact Footprint, Spacious Interior  

The Newair Small Refrigerator with Freezer has 3.3 cubic feet of cold storage for drinks, snacks and grocery staples. It features a single door to maximize interior space. At just over 18 inches wide and 33 inches high, this fridge fits anywhere, making it the best fridge for van life or singles just starting out.   

2. A Fridge You Can Place Anywhere 

The Newair Compact Refrigerator doesn't require cabinetry or special location prep, so it works anywhere you want to have cold drinks and snacks on hand. Its finished sides look great anywhere, and the reversible door lets you choose which way it opens for design versatility in your bedroom, dorm room or RV. 

3. Customizable Interior Organization 

With adjustable shelves, a can dispenser and a designated spot for a two-liter soda bottle, you have the freedom to add anything you like to your grocery list. There's also a freezer compartment for extra chilling and an adjustable thermostat to keep everything at your preferred temperature. What more could you ask for in a dorm or RV fridge?   

4. Energy Star Certified 

This Energy Star Certified mini fridge uses far less electricity than a standard refrigerator, helping you reduce your carbon footprint — and your power bills. The efficient, quiet compressor won't interrupt your conversation or your sleep, so it's perfect for one-room living. Manual defrosting is easy with the included ice scraper. 

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