Porch & Den Telshire Ribbed Glass Large Decorative Flower Vase

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Beautifully display your flowers or collection of seashells in this dimensional, ribbed, tall soda lime glass flower vase. Rich in character, this 6" x 18" decorative vase has a 3" opening for you to display fresh-cut flowers, twigs, or to fill with seashells or other collectibles. This glass vase is completely clear and transparent with a greenish hue, known as soda lime glass, that gets even darker in the thick areas, especially around the rim, adding dimension and a subtle splash of calming color to your space.

  • Unique design: This tall vase features hand-blown ribbing detail running horizontally along the entire surface; the translucent green hue from the soda lime glass adds some cool color to your living room decor

  • Water safe: This decorative vase is solid tempered glass, so you may display your fresh-cut flowers worry-free

  • Sturdy & easy to clean: Weighing 6.5 lbs., this heavy glass vase will stay put on its flat base; made of strong glass, simply hand wash with soap and water

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